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Happy 21st Birthday, Nialler :)

Happy 21st Birthday, Nialler :)

Arya Appreciation Week: Day Six - Favorite Scene                                              


Jon Snow by Matt Soffe


Jon Snow by Matt Soffe

game of thrones rewatch:  t h e  w o l f  a n d  t h e  l i o n

“Itte oakah!” (Test your might!)

One Direction + albums

Matabungkay escapade 2!!

These pictures sums up our awesome trip!! it was so damn relaxing which everyone needs after a hell term. I gotta say it was a term break WELL SPENT.


So we left manila tuesday morning 8am to be exact and arrived in batangas before noon. The first thing we did was eat lunch because we’re all hungry then settled down and just watch a couple of movies. After resting we went swimming, even if it’s raining so hard we didn’t care! The pool was not that cold at all which was so awesome. After swimming, we walked for an hour back and forth to this awesome cave and saw awesome stuff. When we came back to the casa everyone was so tired so we just rest for awhile after an hour or two, we went to beach and did the bonfire and ate lots of roasted marshmallows :) after the bonfire we went crab hunting!!! It was so effin awesome, i think crab hunting is one of my favorite hobbies now. And for newbies we did really good. Then we ate dinner and watch a couple of movies again then went to bed.


We woke up a bit late already so after lunch we went for a swim from 2pm to 6pm. After dinner we started to drink already, we started 7pm then finished i guess 3am? We finished all the liquors (The bar, Vodka gummy bears, Smirnoff, Soju and Mudshake)  except the “Patron”. We had a really nice chat, We got to know each other much better and i love my friends for that!!!


So it’s our last day in Batangas, everyone don’t wanna go back yet but we can’t stay any longer because of appointments and shit. We left batangas by 3pm and arrived in manila i think 6pm? everyone was so quiet that time because we’re thinking about school already, god damn it! 


Beyoncé | 2014 MTV Video Music Awards on August 24, 2014