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I hate that i still like you so damn much.

It sucks knowing that you don’t feel the same way, that for you i’m just i don’t know maybe a friend? An option? A person to talk to when you’re just bored? or etc.
I don’t know why i’m so into you even after what you did last time. I know it’s 90% my fault because i assumed but… nevermind it doesn’t matter anyway. I’m just hoping that this time you will not stop talking to me and snob me whenever we see each other.


I’ve been single for like almost 3 years already, i swear i’m happy with just being with my friends and all but, i got to admit i do miss having one. I miss receiving messages every morning, staying up all night just talking even though it doesn’t make any sense anymore. I miss cuddling with someone and okay i might add kissing someone also. i just want to feel those things again!! and i wish it’ll happen soon.
I don’t really want a Perfect boyfriend because i know that it doesn’t exist. Just someone who can still love me even when i’m on my worst behavior, will never let me choose if him or my friends, won’t compare me to anyone, will always be my side when i need him, sensitive enough, of course honest, and will love me for who i really am.